Pokemon Sun and Moon new Info!

So not too long ago, The Pokémon Company released a short video showing us more about the new Sun and Moon game, which I was going to talk about but decided to wait until E3 and get more information, and well it was worth the wait. Yesterday they showed the first actual game-play from the game, even though it was said the game-play shown was still “beta” I thought it was well done, of course I didn’t play it so I am not 100% sure on that, but what they showed was really cool.

We now know of 3 new Pokémon, I say 3 because the 4th one was already announced a few months back which is Magearna. The other 3 Pokémon are: Pikipek which was the bird Pokemon that was leaked right before Sun and Moon were revealed, this Pokémon is Normal/Flying. The 2nd Pokémon listed was Yungoos a normal type Pokemon which looks like a mongoose hint the name Yungoos. And the last Pokémon shown was Grubbin which is a bug type Pokémon that looks like a smaller kabuto with pincers on the front. The wait will be worthwhile to get the game, new Pokémon to catch, new visuals, new registration for Pokémon animation and many other things.



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