New God of War Game

So last night I was surfing YouTube for videos I may have missed from conferences that aired yesterday and I was surprised how many new games are coming but even more surprised which games are coming out. One game that really caught my eye among others was God of War, which had been rumored that it will be having a part 4 for a while, many fans requested this and well it has been done, or is on the makes. But as many people would think, it is not part 4; it seems this is a reboot of the whole series, but if this is a reboot then why is he cover in white? Could it be that it is indeed a part 4 and found a new family after the last game?. There is a 10 min video showing what the game will be about, it shows an older Kratos, with full beard taking care of a young boy who seems to be his kid. 

He takes the boy hunting, and fighting what they called a troll, which is pretty big, while they chase a deer and end up hunting it, they are at the edge of a cliff looking at a huge world, mountains trees and what it seems a river or lake, and then we see a tall mountain in the background and dragon flying by. It was said this game would be focus on Nordic or Vikings, at least is what I heard. Now about the video(gameplay), I like that there is a new God of War coming out, but having him with no chains is weird, maybe he’ll get them back eventually, and what about the enemies? If its focus on Vikings what can we expect? I’m not familiar with Vikings mythology, if they fought a troll and we saw a dragon, then what else could there be? The game still in development so there may be changes to it, all I can say is that I can’t wait for this game to come out!


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