Right before E3 2016

Since Saturday and yesterday we started to see some leaked videos from games that will be showing up at E3 2016 tomorrow. Many of us are waiting for an specific gam, I personally have a list of few games that I am waiting to see an update, even though some have already been leaked. Yesterday I was able to see a few videos from Battlefield 1, Watch Dogs 2, a sneak peek from FIFA 17 using Frostbite, Titanfall 2, and TellTales The Walking Dead Season 3. What are some games you are waiting for? Possibly the new updated version of the PS4 and Xbox One? We have seen and confirmed that the Xbox One S is coming out, not sure if that will be the real name for it, and it has been confirmed a new and better PS4 but it will not be announced during the E3 this year. Tomorrow it will officially launch so let’s wait and see what will be coming out, I hope a new Read Dead Redemption!


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