Lenovo Bendable Screen Devices

Most of us have seen the new bendable screens from Samsung; do you remember the commercial where it shows you how some guy uses flashy lights and other stuff to look cool, while another guy slides a “paper-screen” from a small device? No? Well check this video here to remember. The reason why I am asking about this is because just recently Lenovo showed us what they have been working on, with bendable technology. They showed a prototype of a phone that wraps on your wrist and a tablet that folds in half, yes in half and no they screen doesn’t break.

The phone itself looks pretty cool, but a bit too long and the vessel which many people like to have less of, is a bit longer at the bottom and top part of the phone. There are 3 points where it bends, the top section, the middle and the bottom section, which allows it to wrap on your wrist. Why or when would we use this? Well that depends, I can see my using this while jogging, I don’t really keep track of my heart rate, I just like to jog and see how good I do, although a heart rate monitor added to this wouldn’t be a bad idea. I can see me using it when jogging to not carry any other devices, or when I don’t want to put my phablet in my jeans pockets, I can think of many other more, but the think would be if I hit something or I fall then the screen may crack or the vessel may break. This is just a proto-type so there is time to work more new ideas.

The tablet is a bit more interesting, since it folds in half, when folded we can use one side as a phone, or phablet. I was not able to track the dimensions of either phone or tablet but by looking at it I can say the tablet may be the size of a iPad Mini, so about 7 inches maybe? Well when folded it turns in a phablet, which is really cool, I can see some people using this, now I don’t know how fast it can be folded. For example if I am using the tablet to run some reports, to access a website or something where I need the tablet, if I get a call and I need to go, how fast can I fold it to make it a phablet? In both devices we can see that the hardware reacts to the bending of screen, on the phone we see “cracks” display when folded and on the tablet we see the icons start to re-arrange as it’s folded.

What do you think of these proto-types? I like the idea, but I’m sure it can be made much better. From rumors we know Samsung may be releasing a fold-able device if not this year possibly next year. I read an article where they said Apple my release a new iPhone next year with flex screen technology and other cool stuff, but Apple doesn’t jump into new stuff right away, they wait until they are ready for it. I want to see mass production of these devices, some tweaks here and there and some cools specs, and I’m sold.



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