FIFA 17 to Frostbite Engine?

A few days back I read an article about FIFA 17 game possibly making its way to a new gaming engine. The current gaming engine for FIFA and other sport games is called Ignite, this has an ok result at least I think so, but what if you were to see the newer generation games on Frostbite, yes the same engine used for Battlefield games, I would think the game will be super cool. On this new age many people try to play games with the best graphics they can possibly get. Coming from older video sources like VGA, to component and to the latest HDMI and 4K, games now look incredible.

I personally would love to play FIFA on Frostbite, I like how Battlefield looks and I’m sure they will do a great job on FIFA. I have seen trailers from older FIFA games and when you play them they look totally different. The only game know that will debut on Frostbite is FIFA 17, and if I’m not mistaken FIFA new games usually come out around August, so we have about 2 months…maybe. Other games like NHL, Madden and NBA will be moving to Frostbite in the coming years. What do you think of this transition to a better game engine? Does it matter or not?



4 thoughts on “FIFA 17 to Frostbite Engine?

  1. Truly speaking, I’ve seen a video on youtube that features fifa 17 gameplay. I don’t know much about the FROSTBITE ENGINE that you guys are talking about, but I really like the way players look in the game. The faces look more real and more realistic. EA has done a great job, can’t wait to get the game and play.


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