Facebook Game Streaming

So I was reading this article and it seems like Facebook will be joining the game streaming wagon. We already had Twitch for some time then we started to see YouTube live Gaming Stream and now we have Facebook wanting to join. From the article it looks like Blizzard will be one of the companies that will allow their games to be streamed using Facebook, including WoW, Overwatch, and others. This to me seems like an already gaming social media called Player.me which is similar to what Facebook wants to do. On player.me you can follow and be followed by people, as you know many times on Facebook you have co-workers, friends from high school, and family members but all you see on their time-line are boring posts, well not boring but it can get boring after a while. For that reason player.me allows you to follow friends, post video clips from their game play and chat with people that like the games that you play.

With this new approach of gaming streaming from Facebook it looks like that may want to do the same, the question is, will the stream shows on your news feeds like it currently does for other Go Live events?  Or will they create a new app just for game streaming? The concept sounds ok because many people like me don’t want to have 5+ accounts to use like Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other accounts just to keep track of your favorite streamers. Some streamers use different social media apps to keep their followers informed of their streams, but in my opinion Facebook took too long to join, by now Facebook in most cases is full of memes and random pictures, it seems it got old now. But we’ll see, maybe Facebook may do something Twitch hasn’t done?



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