The Division could be a movie

So in recent news, it was announced that a The Division movie is on the works starting Jake Gyllenhaal. When I read this I was a bit skeptical, but then I thought about it and it may not be a bad idea, I’m talking about the movie not the main character. A Division movie could be ok, I know I have said previously that video games movies are just a no-no, but this video game really has no backstory or plot, at least not well developed. The game starts off by telling us that in Black Friday there  was a virus that spread throughout New York and started killing people, there is no game play of when it happened, you are just throw into the city to start protecting it from rebels, vandals, or whatever you want to call them.

A movie could shine some light to some of the player that wants to know how and what really happened, how some Division agents went rouge, I mean I personally have many questions, how was the virus spread, yes there are in game videos but is not the same watching a video than an actual movie.  The movie could be really cool, or really bad, from what I heard there are already some reviews out from that movie saying is not that good and is worse than Doom, who know I won’t say if its good or bad until I see it. Back to the Division movie, since it’s a military game, it won’t be that hard to make it a movie, we see war movies almost every summer, but who knows, we will have to wait and see, let’s hope the movie is hacker proof.



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