My Thought on Miitomo app after months of usage

I wanted to write about my Miitomo experience and share it with you and see what you guys think. When the app launched in Japan, many video game sites reported that it was a really cool app, I remember it was launched as a communication app, I thought it was going to be more like chat app, on which you could talk to your Nintendo Friends, but it ended up as an app where you could answer questions and when you friends logged in they would get alerts on what you answered or commented to their questions/answers, what you liked or loved from their list of answers and dress up your character in funny ways.

When I first got my hands on the app I knew it wasn’t going to be what I wanted but I still wanted to give it a chance. After few weeks I noticed I didn’t open the app as much as I used to, and having very few friends was not fun at all, I wish it could be like the street-pass feature on Nintendo where I could be somewhere and whoever had it enabled I would just pick them up as friends, but that was not the case. Today I noticed I had not opened the app for almost 3 weeks, so I decided to delete it, the app was just not what I expected, it feel to me that the app was focusing on teens or younger audience with the dressing up and funny expressions, not saying adults wont enjoy it, but I think adults were not the focus point for the app.

My Wife and I (we are not that old lol) spent a few hours trying to create our character and get use to the mechanics, which were not hard at all but not appealing to us. We tried it for a few weeks, we would get alerts, comment to each answer or question we got, I would try to make a funny comment and the reaction of the Mii would be totally different. I tried to change the tone and speed of my Mii voice but still not what I wanted to hear. We played a few of the in-app games to get new outfits, we bought clothes with the gold coins collected by answering questions but still it was not as fun as it was announced. Now I read online that there are many people abandoning the app, maybe Nintendo expected other countries to be as amazed with the app like Japanese gamers. Now I have to wait for the next 2 game apps from Nintendo and hope they are better than Miitomo.


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