June’s Mystery Pokemon: Manaphy


Here we are, another month has passed and another Pokémon arrives to the mystery gift on ORAS and X/Y. This time the lucky Pokémon is Manaphy, which can be obtained by going to your mystery gift on either of the games listed above and you will receive a Level 100 Manaphy with Hydration Ability, it comes with 3 moves only, Tail Glow, Bubble, and Water Sport. This Pokémon was originally an egg in Pokémon Ranger that could be brought into Pokémon Diamond and Pearl then hatch the egg while in those games. For those who don’t know, you could kind of breed this Pokémon with Ditto in the day care, I say kind of because no legendary Pokémon can be bred, but this one will produce an egg that will hatch into Phione, which looks similar, to me is more like a pre-evolution or stage 1, their difference is the head tails and having an actual “body”, google it and you will see. Don’t forget this Pokémon is only available from June 1st to June 24th, let’s hope The Pokémon Company surprises us with more legendary like they did with X/Y legendary, and hope whatever they do gives us is shiny!



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