New Horror Game: Agony


As I mentioned before I enjoy playing horror games, mainly at night or in a dark room and with headphones. Well I was reading this morning some articles and found this one that got attention, this article is about an upcoming game named Agony. Remember Dante’s Inferno? Well is similar to it, maybe not that similar but they both take place in hell. Agony is about a tormented soul that must escape hell, the soul has no past memories, but knows it needs to escape by all means. Compared to Dante’s Inferno, Agony is about escaping hell, not going into hell, another difference is the ability to control souls and few demons and do whatever it takes to survive (not sure why survive, if you are in hell I’m sure you are dead) and escape from hell. The game is developed by Madmind using Unreal Engine 4, they have helped on the development of The Witcher 3, and The Division among others. Check the video below for a quick sneak peak, the game is scheduled to be released next year , so I will stay up to date on this game to see if it will be worth buying.



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