Minecraft Console to get Battle update!

Minecraft has already launched for the 3 next gen consoles, PS4, Xbox One and Wii U, the port was ok to me, is just a bit annoying to get used to the controllers layout, coming from PC using a keyboard is not an easy transition at least not for this game. This game has been popular since it was launched, and due to the updates it has had it has made the game more interesting to play. Many people have used red stones and switched to create incredible computers, calculators and many other things. Besides updates we have seen modders adding their own twist, Pixelmon, Feed The Beast, Minigames, H1Z1 Mods, and battle mods, but as we know not all mods are able to be loaded to console ports, so for them Minecraft will be launching a new update next month for all console users.

The update will bring Battle Mini Game between players online and on split-screen local game. The Battle is basically the hunger games, 8 players are dropped on a pre-created map, they all run and get what’s in chests, then run to safety or run to kill all other players. The local split screen will only support 4 players, and new additions to maps or modded maps will become available as players feedback is submitted, but for now Battle will launch with 3 free maps, and 3 more for $2.99. I know playing Minecraft on console is not the full experience as the PC, but these updates make it as close as possible to the pc version, it was said that there could possibly be more Mini Games coming to the game,  so for those that have it on console, be ready because the update Battle Mini Game is coming next month!



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