Nintendo 2Ds price cut!

For those that still don’t have a 3Ds or 2Ds, and would like to get one, let me tell you that the 2Ds console will drop the price one more time, this time the new price will be $79.99. I think this a decent price for the handheld; this will come with a free copy to download of Mario Kart 7. I believe the 2Ds is worth it, mainly for those that want to play 3Ds games without the 3D effect, I honestly don’t use the 3D effect that much, but since the price is dropping, who knows how much longer they will continue to make 3Ds game compatible with the 2Ds. Along with this Nintendo has dropped the prince on some titles like The Legend of Zelda OoT, Mario Party Island Tour, New Yoshi Island and Donkey Kong Country Return for 3D, each for $19.99, all these deals along with the price cut will start on May 20th!



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