Pokemon Sun/Moon New Info!

So the so much waited Pokemon Sun/Moon video is out and we’ll all I can say is….that’s it? I kind of figured they were going to announce much, they like to keep us in the shadows, I figured they would tell us less than they actually showed us, but what they showed was ok I guess. We were able to see a little of the game play, walking in the island, like many people said previously they knew this game would take place in an island, they showed the 3 starter Pokemon and I was not impressed, and we can see that none of the old rumors were true, no image shown before resembles any of the new starter Pokemon. The one I kind of liked was the owl and the cat, the sea lion looked more to me like a circus sea lion, and I guess we still have to wait until we see their evolution.

The main or Legendary Pokemon are a Sun Lion and a Moon Bat, before they showed us what they looked like I was more into the Sun one, mainly because Moon seem to me less cool, but after seeing the bat now I don’t know which version would be better. From what we saw on the video it made me feel like the game seems a bit more like a Pokemon open-world, one thing I just still not like is the main character, I guess I’m used to having a small main character kind of like a kid, now this one to me seems a bit too grown, but maybe we can customize the character?  Well the information is out and the game is to be released on November 18th 2016 for both 3Ds and 2Ds.


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