Fear The Walking Dead S.2 E.4

This past Sunday’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead, was somewhat better than the previous episodes, we saw more action and confrontation between survivors which we haven’t seen since before they left L.A, we saw a bit on the island with the small family but it was not as good as this past episode. On this episode we were able to see what Victor’s life was prior to the whole outbreak, we saw how he got to have money and how he got Abigail. His backstory helps us understand where the characters are going and how they got there.

The best part started when a small boat approached Travis’ boat with a pregnant lady screaming in pain, and since everyone is kind of nice they decided to help her while Chris wanted to know if he should shoot them or not. When they got inside they revealed the real self and started to take over the boat, and yes these people were the people that Alicia had been talking over the radio. While they were struggling, Nick had swim to land looking for someone that Victor had sent him for; this is where Victor’s life connects to where they are going. Nick is pointed with a gun by Strand’s associate, Nicks tells him who he is and what’s going so they both leave together to the boat.

While Travis and the rest are getting boarded, Strands tries to escape but he gets his raft shot leaving him stranded in the middle of the ocean. The bad guys want to get the boat going but since Strand had the keys there is no one to start it. There is a discussion and they want to kill Chris so Travis says he can jump start it, he is sent to do it while the bad guys wait for their boss to get there. Once the boss gets there, he takes Travis and Alicia since they are useful for him, then Madison tells them to not kill them and leave them at the beach shore, he agrees to it but his minion don’t think the same way. He talks to the crew and tells them he will kill them, when they hear a boat approaching, is Nick and the other guy, he sees the guys with guns, so  the other guy gets his rifle and shots the old man and a girl on the head, when the main guy tries to go see Daniel who has been trying to free his hands crabs the bad guy’s gun and stabs him, he hands out guns and the Nick and the other guy board the boat. Nick explains who he is and they plan on leaving but he tells them they cannot leave without Strand.  Now it looks like they will need to go and get Travis and Alicia, this new guy seems like the governor from TWD, but we’ll see, he was shown so quick that we don’t know how he really is.


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