13 Free Packs for “Whispers of the Old Gods”

For those Hearthstone fans, I know this may be old news, but not all of us are as well informed as others, so here is some news for the rest of us not so well informed. The new Whisper of the Old Gods has launched and with it we all can get 13 free booster packs, or card pack whoever you want to call it. As we know, packs can cost you some few bucks, but there are ways for you to get nice cards and free packs just by playing the game, or disenchanting duplicate cards. In order to get 13 free packs all you have to do is the following:

  • 3 packs if you play the game during the 1st week of launch of the new packs. Yes just open the game and play it.
  • 5 packs after you win 2 games with a new “standard” format deck.
  • 5 more packs after you win 7 games with the new “standard” deck.
  • And a bonus card C’Thun and 2 buff cards if you login during the expansion 1st


As you can see, this is an easy way to get 13 free packs for the game; the first 3 are the easiest, just login during the first launch week, which it should run from April 26th, to May 3rd, so tomorrow, unless they go all the way until Friday. The other 10 just play the game and win and you are sure to get 10 more packs. What do you think? Have you played with the new standard deck and new cards?



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