Battlefield World Premiere Alert


So this morning I got an email from Battlefield alerts, on which they invite us to join them for a world premiere of battlefield, on May 6th at 4PM ET, 9PM BST, for what they say the future of Battlefield. The email has a link to Find out More but is only a site with the time clock counting down 7 days from today. It has been said online for some time now that the new Battlefield could take place in WWI, apparently some fans think this game if it takes place in WWI will be more challenging because weapons back then were not as technical as new ones and it took a lot of skills to be able to use those weapons.

The information is no out yet, no leaks, nothing, just rumors on what this game will be about. What are your thoughts about it? Do you want a Battlefield WWI game? Would this be the new Battlefield 5? I have been happy playing Battlefield 4, some people say is not realistic or that CoD is better, but there are games for everyone out there and Battlefield games are for me. A part of me does want a WWI game, but the other part of me does not, like they say it will take skills to use the older weapons, I mean we use skills now as it is, but yes it will be more challenging to a certain point, but is that game what fans want? Would they release Frostbite 4? We will need to wait and see on May 6th to find out what really will happen to Battlefield.



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