The Division PC suffering from hackers and glitches

The Division game has been out for some time now and even though it doesn’t have the greatest graphics and all it was promised in the beta or prior to the beta the game still really good and worth playing.  I have been playing the game for 2 weeks now on PS4 and what I have done in the game I have enjoyed. The first “tutorial” is pretty simple, it takes some time to understand the DPS, health and power skills, it is really not well explained at the beginning of the game, but besides that the game if good. What has been happening lately in the PC side is the hackers and glitches, of course we can’t have a perfect game, all games have some sort of issues, but this game in particular has suffer from hackers a lot.

Ubisoft has stated they are aware of the issues and are working to get it fixed, but from what I read on this article, it may be too late that they would have to re-write the whole netcode. Below is a clip that shows how a player in the DZ is just walking around when out of nowhere he gets shot by someone we can’t even see. Things like this make a game a bit frustrating when all you want to do is enjoy the game, I know there will always be glitches and some may not be that bad, but when the game experience is ruin and you can’t even enjoy it then there is no point on playing it no more. What do you think of the issues The Division is having on PC? If you play on console have you experience any issues?



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