New Nintendo Titles to iOS and Android

It has been announced, the next titles coming to iOS and Android will be the Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem franchise. If you are not familiar with the titles, which I’m sure you are but just in case, Animal Crossing is a kind of life simulator with animals and people as the main characters, the game is pretty cool, well some people may like it while others won’t. I personally have not played the game but have seen people play it and it is interesting. I think this game will be a great addition to the mobile app because is a game you can play for a short period of time and then continue later on, no need to stay on until you pass a mission, beat a boss or something else that may keep you glued to it, of course unless you get addicted to it.

The other title Fire Emblem will be another game added to the mobile apps, and this game may be better than Animal Crossing, depending on what kind of games people like to play. This game is a tactical RPG game, on which you can plan out or make a strategy to fight the enemy.  This game like other RPG games gives you the option to select a character with specific abilities, gear up weapons and shields, like I said, similar to other RPG games like Final Fantasy.  Both games will do good as an app, the questions is, how will they make money from it? We are used to buying Nintendo games and having all items and other stuff in the game no need of micro-transactions. Thinking about both games I can see them selling possibly outfits, weapons, and other items to make profit from them. What do you think about these 2 games coming to iOS and Android?



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