Pokemon Go New Update Leaked

So new footage has been released from Pokemon Go, this video is about 8 minutes long, it shows in English the character creation, Pokemon captures, egg hatching and few fights. We can see from the footage that you can change the view when you encounter Pokemon to use your camera or use a default background where the Pokemon lives. We see on the video some gym fights and how users go to real life locations like a monument or just a random place and when you check on it you get items from Great Balls, Pokeballs, revival crystals and even Pokemon Eggs! The footage is really cool, watch it below while the video stays up on YouTube, if it’s taken down then I’m sorry you are a bit too late. All I can say is that the game-play so far looks cool, I just hope the use of the camera on Pokemon encounters gets polished to look a bit more real, or at least more VR like, there is still time so well see. Thanks for the video to GAME Previews


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