Fear The Walking Dead S.2 E.3

Episode 3 turned to be a bit more exciting than previous one, we saw more walker activity and the we finally saw the Asian girl from the webisodes make her appearance in the actual show, I know it was mentioned that she would be a main character on the TV show, but after what happened last episode I wonder what will happen to her. With that said, lets jump into the episode. We started off when them still on the boat drifting or sailing away, Daniel already has in mind what Victor may want to do, or where he wants to go. While in the boat the boat stops all of a sudden and Travis believes something may have gotten stuck under the boat, so he decides to go check it out since they have no option or they stay afloat and hope the boat fixes itself.

At night we see a bit of the plane crash incident, we see Charlie trying to save Jake due to his burned face and protecting the rest of the plane crash. We see how some survivors kill other walkers and how they kill survivors that have been bitten.  When he is under the water he notices a walker or swimmer? Lol stuck under the water filtration system, he dives out and tells them what’s going on. By the morning they pass by land where we see the rest of the plane crash from the webisodes. Daniel wants to go and get some supplies to help them on the trip, Madison doesn’t think is a good idea so Daniel brings the Mexico subject to which later on her and Victor talk about on why he wants to go to Mexico. Daniel and the rest go to the beach while Travis continues to fix the pumping system. When in land they start to scavenge what they find useful, in the group we have Chris, Madison’s kids and Daniel, since Chris feels he can take on anything, he abandons the group and finds some walkers and a survivor that testes his courage. While trying to save him, he breaks the survivors back, with so much pain the survivor ask to be killed, he then gathers up all the courage and kills him.

The rest of the group gathered  what’s useful, including medicine when Daniel notices Chris is gone, when looking for him he sees someone running from far away thinking is Chris, but it was Charlie been followed by walkers. In a second they all are surrounded, they all try to gather together, when Nick falls off a ditch with a walker. When they all are cornered and all hope seems lost Nick comes out covered in walker blood and kills many of them, he then notices walkers don’t seem to small the human in him due to the blood covering him. When they escape Charlie tell them she has someone to help, when they arrive to the boat Victor tells them he won’t take them in, they argue and the Mexico destination is brought up, there is a house with food and all supplies for them in Baja California, they agree to go but they will tow Charlie and Jake to San Diego. While towing them Victor thinks about it, goes down and cuts the rope that was towing Charlie and Jake, leaving them adrift, and no one could do anything.


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