Sword Art Online Part 2


So part 2 of the anime Sword Art Online still part of season one, I just named it part 2 because is related to SAO game but on this seconds part of the season they focus on a new game. From episode 1-14 they focus on the life of the player stuck in SAO surviving and all, but after Kirito finishes the game and they all are “revived” then they go to another game, this time the game is called, Alfheim Online (ALO) a land of fairies. The game started after an assistant of Akihiko Kayaba named Sugou, (I think he was his assistant) created a new game, which kept many people in comma like the previous game because all their data was transferred straight from SAO to ALO.

Kirito didn’t get interested in the game until he received an email from a friend showing a pictured of Asuna or what it seem to be a person that looked like her. He then is informed of the game and he starts to play and see. On this game you have to learn your own skills, not level up just experience, you can fly with your fairy wings but magic is limited to fly. He then finds a girl and helps her, not knowing she is his own real sister, or half-sister since they are cousins rose as brother and sister. The plat was a bit cheese, they all can die on the game and nothing happens to them in real life, so some of the acting or the way they talk to them in battle was overdramatic, they talked like that was their last fight and they were going to die for ever, I get that they came from a traumatic game experience in SAO but I think they went overboard on this one.

The episode focuses on Kirito and his sister trying to find Asuna, which his sister didn’t know who he was on the game despite looking exactly like her brother. His sister ends up falling in love with him, without him or her knowing who they were and how close they were in real life until Kirito takes a mission to enter the big tree and fighting literally thousands of enemies, and he reveals his intention, that is when she find out who he was and he finds out who she was and the feeling she had for him. The whole second part seems more like quest for her to tell Kirito her feelings and him breaking her heart, which at the end his sister let him go so he could be with his love of his live which again was a bit cheese but oh well.

I think the overall concept staring with part one was great, but it ended too fast, I believe there had been 2 years in the game playing in comma from part 1, the 2nd part was a bit shorter than the 1st part but it was ok. Now on season 2, since at the end of season 1 Kirito received “The Seed” it seems many games will be able to merge into one game, kind of like cross-platform which may get interesting, when I’m done with it I will write my review.


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