Fear The Walking Dead. S.2 E.2

I know this one took me a bit longer, just have been busy, but let’s get straight into the episode. Last episode ended with the survivors trying to escape a kind of boat chasing them, all because Alicia wanted to have a chat with whoever was on the other side of the radio. Well episode 2 started when they found a small island with a house and they approached it because they saw some lights. They all stop and head that way, while Daniel Victor and Liza stay behind mainly because Daniel doesn’t trust Victor.

They go to the house they saw and find a small family, Travis tells the guy he is no danger and to trust them, which helps them because they end up staying the night there. The next morning Travis sees and hears from George what he been doing to survive, while Madison talked overnight with George’s wife and knows she wants to leave or at least her 2 kids. Chris walks around and talks to George’s older son, who walks to the side of the island in the beach shore where they have fences to stop walkers that come from the nearby town, he stabs their head with a pickax, he lets Chris do it but when he does that Travis walks down and sees him, not liking much what he is doing, we can see Travis still not so happy to kill walkers.

Madison talks to Travis about what George’s wife wants to do, Travis doesn’t seem really happy or wanting to do it, but he agrees to talk to George. In the meantime Daniel is able to get inside one of the safes from the boat and finds some information that he finds odd. Also Nick finds that George is giving his kids some sort of poison, makes him believe that instead of surviving he wants to end it all peacefully. When Travis and Madison talk to George’s wife they try to take the kids, then George walks in and sees what’s going on and seems to get upset, but then we see one of his kids come down the stairs and tells them his sister is sick, they all run upstairs to find the daughter dead.

I feel all this was caused because Madison wanted to help, but ended up making things worse. The mom tries to comfort her dead daughter but she turns and bites her neck breaking hell loose. George stayed behind and they all walk away, they take the son with them to which Victor opposes but Madison pushes in with no choice to say no. Then we hear a gunshot, and when they are about to leave, we see the older son coming to get his brother, they can’t stop him so they give him back then we see the mom turned walking down the dock, we know then George shot himself. Episode ended with them heading out to San Diego which has been reported as a complete burned city but they want to see it for themselves.


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