Sword Art Online Part 1 (review spoiler)


UPDATE: Just a quick note, the manga is said to be a mid-hentai due to mature scenes and stuff, well the anime was not neat hentai or mid hentai, so is safe for all ages, or most ages.

I have been watching Sword Art Online (SAO) and my first impression was, wow this show is really cool. The game focuses on the life of players stuck in a virtual game, the game developer wanted to test people’s skills and just wanted a game that way, so he trapped every player without a chance to logout, their only way to escape is by beating the game.  When people hear that they all started to panic, of course like we all would, many got their helmet removed and died, many other dies doing quests while playing.

The main character Kazuto, who gives himself the nickname of “kirito” in the game, wants to finish the game to be able to survive. In the process he makes friends, but since he is not so much of a people person, tries to stay away from them, until he runs in battles where he loses some close people. When he loses friends and girls he was kind of talking to, he makes his goal to beat the game to help everyone live. While in the game he meets Asuna, a girl he falls in love with during the game. The anime ends when Kirito is taken to a mission with 100’s of people and while battling he discovers that the main boss has been undercover among them. He ends up fighting the boss and wins, letting everyone be able to log off the game and continue with their life.

The anime was cool up to that point, the emotions people shared with other players, the way they cared and how they did missions worried about dying, that is what for me made the anime real cool, because if you die in the game then you die in real life, so it was not just a game they were on, it was a matter of life and death mixed with gaming skills. This game reminded me somewhat of The Division video game, mainly for the health bar, and menu when you try to look at your inventory. If you have not watched it, and don’t mind me spoiling it then watch it, just watch until episode 14 because after that is a total new story that I will be talking about later, but if you watch after that, well, hope you like it.


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