New PS4 codename: Neo


As mentioned before, it seems the rumors could be right about a possibly new PS4 coming or in the makes. The rumored PS4 is told to have better hardware that will make PS4 owners want to change to the new one. There has been some information leaked about this so rumored console with a codename Neo, the Neo console will have an increase in CPU and GPU, RAM will stay the same amount just faster transfer rate. The current CPU is an 8-core Jaguar running at 1.6GHz, the Neo is said to have an 8-core Jaguar but running at 2.1GHz, the current GPU is an AMD Graphics Core Next with 18 compute units running at 800MHz, while the Neo is said to have 36 compute units and running at 911MHz. And lastly the RAM since it won’t increase, it will stay at 8GB GDDR5, but instead of running 176GB/s, it will transfer at 218GB/s. Besides all this remember it was said that this new console will be supporting 4K, if with the specs we have now some games look amazing, now imaging them on 4K. What is going to happen to the new games out? Maybe they will release an optimized version of the game for an extra buck? I hope they don’t do it like Nintendo and their New New 3Ds system, which I doubt because Sony has made changes to most of their line of consoles and handheld and the system is the same. Lets just wait for actual information to be release and not rumors.



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