Possibly Read Red Redemption 2?

After few months ago on which it was mentioned a possible port of Red Dead Redemption to new generation consoles and a possible RDR2 game, we can now confirm that they may been making it as we speak. There was a leaked map from what it seems for Red Dead Redemption 2, according to Techradar it is said this this legit and not a fake leak.  If this is true then I can say this game will be awesome when released. With the current graphics from both Xbox One and PS4 I can say the game will be great, even on older generations I liked the graphics, of course because I compared them to older generations.

For those that are not familiar with Red Dead Redemption, this was an old west game made by Rockstar, so basically it was a GTA old west style. The game was really cool, at least I think so, you could help people to become a hero or be the bad guy. You could fight wild animals and collect their skin to sale and make other stuff. The map was from what I remember a good size, you could ride horses, or bandwagons, the game was well made and if there was a part 2 coming out, it would be really cool!



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