Dragon Ball Fusion for 3Ds!

Do you remember the last portable Dragon Ball game? The last games I played on my Nintendo DS was the 3 Dragon Ball saga games, The Saiyan, Cell and Majin Boo ones for the old DS system, those were kind of like open world in a sense because you had to travel to places and kill enemies and stuff, but at the same time it wasn’t because you were limited to the interaction with items and stuff. Well there has been information released from Bandai Namco Entertainment about a possibly new 3Ds RPG open world Dragon Ball game; the title that is given to it for now is Dragon Ball Fusion.  The little information I gather from this website, is that the main focus of the game is… Fusion… from the trailer we can see that the game takes place in several locations from the Dragon Ball universe, there is not much information about what is the point of the game, is it fighting street fighter style? Is it mission wise? For now all we know there will be some really cool Fusions, Broly + Gokuh, Krillin + Goku, Gohan + Krillin, and some others. I am so excited about this game, and the good thing is that the game comes out this year, check out the teaser video below.




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