CoroCoro Leaked information from Pokemon Moon/Sun


Some images have been leaked from CoroCoro May’s issue, at least that is what it has been reported, I would think it has to be April’s since their new issue will be released in 2 days but the article I read states is May’s issue. The images show information on the possibly upcoming movie, on which we see Mega Gengar, Megearna and Volcanion with some person holding a staff with a pink stone. Another image shows what seems to be the official cover art from both Pokemon Moon and Sun but the images are blurred out so we can’t see the started Pokemon.

The next image shows Charizard and other Pokemon, part of a new arcade game to be release in Japan with the name of Pokemon Ga-Ole,  not sure what it means, I tried to do some research but was not able to find much. But from the images it seems it could be a simple fighting game, a lot simpler than Pokken. I hope more information is released regarding these 2 games and some more about Pokemon Go. Again this information may not be the real information, we have to wait until the issue release and find out. If you want to get more news or alerts from Pokemon check this Pokemon fan site here.



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