Netflix to make Death Note American Version

If you like anime I’m pretty sure you have heard of Death Note, or t least I hope so, if you haven’t then I will explain what this anime is about. Death Note is an anime where a human by the name of Light (english version) finds a notebook from a demon Ryuk, that because he was bored he “dropped” it by accident so that who ever found it, used and he can see what this person would do. Well the notebook was a Death Note that demons use to write name of humans and whatever is written there is the way the person would die.

Light started using this first not knowing how to use it, after some time he figured it out and was really good at using it, he disguised himself under the demon name Kira, he got  so good that he caught the attention of an investigator by the name of L, who was right behind him trying to catch him. Well that was the anime, there is already a Japanese Movie, and now Netflix has taken over the American adaptation that will start recording in June. The casting has already been released click here for more info. What do you think of this? I do hope they make it better than the Japanese version, the actual anime was good for me until it just started to get boring, but an American movie will be really interesting to watch.




Netflix Picks Up The Rights To The American Live Action ‘Death Note’ Film


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