What Horror Games you Like?


When it comes to horror games I am the first one to say, I love them! Some horror games not only test your fear to things but your skills to stay calm while in a sticky situation. There have been many games in my years that enjoyed playing, some on their time were the best, the creepiest and the not so creepy but good games, but every single one of them was a great game to me, either due to their scary parts of just because it was fun to play it.

Some of the games I found that scared me were Resident Evil 1 and 2, Silent Hill was just creepy, but it had its moments that scared me, not much because it was scary but the jumping to the screen action that some characters do. Some newer games are not really scary at all as original games from Play Station, but they have great graphics and potential to become scary. Dying Light, and the Dead Island series were fun, not sure if they were scary, at least not to me, but it required skills when killing zombies.

Many games use different methods to scare us, some games are not scary at all they are just creepy, things we never thought about, monsters with deformities and other just creepy stuff. I found this article that I found informative.Do you have any list of scary games? What are you afraid of? Many game developers use this at their advantage to scare us.





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