Dead Space Free with EA Access or Xbox Live GOLD

If you are a fan of horror games and have EA access and an Xbox One then you are in luck because Dead Space is free, you can get it as mentioned 2 ways, either with the EA Access program or under games with Gold. By Gold I mean Xbox Live Gold, this gets you free games every month and different titles, well Dead Space will be free using Live Gold until April 15th.  If you don’t know what EA Access is, well is a $4.99 monthly subscription that allows you to play games for free; I see it as a game fly from EA.

If you have not played Dead Space, well this month is your chance. I have played part 1,2 and 3, all of them have been really cool, well the last one was not as scary as the very first one, I feel the game lost its scary tactics. The game is based on the main character Isaac Clarke, fighting kind of zombie monsters called necromorphs that turned when humans were planet-cracking for minerals opening the red markers. The story is a bit long, but the game is really cool, I like the stasis power and the weapons used, this is no normal zombie game blow their brains out and you are good to go, well not here,  on this one you torn them in pieces and hope they don’t come back. Try the game you will like it, at least I did.



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