The Walking Dead S.6 Finale


What an episode, and well what an ending to this season from The Walking Dead, season 7 will start off great with us guessing who died, I’m sure many of us have our guesses on who died and why but we will have to wait until October I think since that is when they usually release new seasons, that will give me time to read on more on the comic. (Spoiler ahead)

Sunday’s season finale left me wondering who died or will die, we started off with Daryl getting shot and not knowing if he died or not, on episode 15 we saw him getting shot from behind but the we hear the bad guy say, it wasn’t that bad, so we got a hint that he wasn’t killed. This last episode started a bit slow I honestly thought it was a bit boring when Rick and the rest were leaving to take Maggie to the Dr, but since Rick and pretty much the best of his team left Alexandria, I had a feeling something bas was going to happen to the people left behind, and it probably will since we know they have been watched for a while.

Then we see Morgan finding Carol and saving her after she left the safe-house, and actually him killing for once since he was saved by the martial artist guy. When I saw Rick and the rest going round and round and finding Negan’s men all over I knew it was going to go down, but they didn’t know that Glenn and Michonne were captured until they found a road block by walkers with their friend’s clothing. When it finally went down, is when they were surrounded by Negan’s men, not having a way out. They were all put on their knees while Negan was talking to them and explaining them he will kill one due to Rick killing many of his men. He starts telling them the new rules and what they will be doing and finally selecting who will die, and when he finds who he starts off hitting him/her with a baseball bat.

Now if you have read the comic you know Glenn died, but in the tv show it has been so different, at this point Rick has no right hand, also the baby is no longer in the comic since the prison escape, and many other thing that some of you may already know. But now we don’t know for sure who died, I can say it will be a major character, which we haven’t lost since the Prison I think. Maggie is ill and Daryl is shot, both of them look really sick and possibly close to death. But we saw Abraham kind of like defying him, we know Negan is mad at Rick and he knows Carl is his kid, and then we have the rest. I have read online and I know it will be a major character, but who? Those are my guesses Daryl, Maggie, Abraham or Glenn, but Glenn is too obvious, we will have to wait until next season to find out.


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