The Walking Dead S.6 Ep.15

Well last weeks episode was really good, we can start seeing the group will start struggling, first with Carol leaving and the Daryl, I can see the group feel less motivated without them 2 in the group. The episode from 2 weeks ago ended with carol leaving, this one started with Daryl leaving as well and part of the group following to make him come back.

Daryl left feeling guilty for losing Denise, Rosita, Glenn and Michonne leave to try and convince him to come back. While outside Glenn and the rest find him and try to talk him into coming back but he don’t want to, Rosita joins him and take off. When Glenn and Michonne try to leave they get captured by the same person who killed Denise. In the mean time Rick and Morgan leave looking for Carol but find the people she killed which they tried to stop her while they were going to Alexandria, which was surprising they knew the name and what it looks like, makes it seem like they have been watched for a while.

Carol was not found, but was able to kill one other survivor but leaving one because she didn’t know he was alive. Rick and Morgan continue looking for her and find some walkers near a barn, and a survivor that Rick wanted to shot and kill but Morgan prevented him telling him that people need to get a chance just like he gave it to the Wolf which thanks to that Denise was saved from the horde and helped her saved Carl, but if you ask me, if he wasn’t saved she would have never been taken and still survive, but that is just me.

The episode ended with Morgan leaving looking for Carol and Carol gone, and the most and hardest thing t watch was when Daryl was shot from behind when trying to rescue Glenn and Michonne, I have not watched this weeks episode and have avoided social media to not spoil it but I know he survived, at least until this episode.


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