Dragon Ball Super, all caught up!


So I was able to catch up to the last episode from Dragon Ball Super and well what can I say. As mentioned previously the first 25 episodes were mainly a recap on the two previous movies, Resurrection of F and  the Battle of the Gods, was not really impressed because the only new content was the addition of extra footage that was not seen in the movie to give us a glimpse of what was about to come. For example they showed how Freeza talked to his minion to kill Goku or well try to kill Goku when he looked to be defeated. Another small portion was the arrival of Whis and Beerus to earth whle Goku were fighting and how he met Champa half way.

Well after episode 25 it started to focus on Goku’s and Vegeta’s training in Beerus planet, which was similar to King Kai planet just more intense. They added a bit more of Jacco’s story, and they finally introduces Champa as who he was and how he was related to Beerus. One of the things that caught me off guard was the introduction of Bulma’s sister, which was not expected, not sure how to add it to DBZ since it was never mentioned, I guess not mentioning her was ok and it helped them add her to this new saga but I don’t know I really didn’t like that much.

Next part, I knew Champa was going to make things interesting and well he did, he started a new tournament which was mainly the plot on Dragon Ball when Goku was a kid, well it was added again but space wise. And now I know the reason for the Super part in the saga, well there are dragon ball’s the size of planets, making it Super Dragon Balls compared to earths and the Namekian’s. Last episode I saw was episode 35, the tournament started and well Goku fought but lost due to some cheating 6th Universe version of Freeza (Frost), and now is Vegeta’s turn, it ended where Vegeta started the fight with a robot kind of monster that is making his life like hell, literally burning inside a “sauna”.

We’ll see how  the saga continues, in my opinion is not looking too good anymore and I hate to say this since I am a DBZ fan, but there are things I don’t agree with and don’t like that I know it could be better, but maybe as the saga progresses it will get better. If you have seen it let me know what you think about it.


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