Wii U..End-Of-Life?

One of the things gamers don’t like or like depending on few things is the end-of-life of their video game consoles. Spending years and years buying video games only so the console gets a new generation or a better new console from someone else comes out. I believe that is the reason why some people prefer PC over consoles because the OS may be updated but most not all games are still compatible with any Windows or iOS, but that is beside the point on today’s topic.

I was reading some this article from The Verge about a possible end-of-life for the Wii U, now this can be good and bad. It will be good as long as the Nintendo NX comes out in replacement of the Wii U and if all the titles that have been announced and the games that we already purchased are able to transfer or be played on the NX. It will be bad news if those new titles are not backwards compatible on the NX. At this point I believe Nintendo has to make their games backwards compatible because it has been said Nintendo stock is not doing so well, and a move like this could possibly push down even lower their stock, but they know what they are doing so I’m sure they got this.

Wii U has been out since 2012, it did need a reboot but not a full end-of-life, again this is only rumors is not been announced officially. Wii U was an upgraded Wii system, newer controls and better graphics compared to the Wii. If this is indeed the end-of-life of the Wii U, that means that The Legend of Zelda could be released on NX only and not Wii U. Now let’s not forget the apps coming to iOS and Android from Nintendo, this may help them as long as main characters are used in the apps. What do you think, is it too soon to end the Wii U? Could the NX be announced soon on another Nintendo Direct?



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