Pokemon GO Footage!


Pokemon Go

Since the announcement of Pokemon Go many Pokemon Fans have been waiting patiently for more news and a release date for this game. Just recently it was announced that Japan was going to be the 1st country where this was out as a beta-testing game to get input from us gamers and what can be done better to improve the gaming experience, let’s just hope other countries are added to the list soon. Last week during the SXSW it was shown an early footage of the game showing someone capturing Ivysaur, opening the backpack or sack showing different kinds of Pokeballs. Now the video is a bit rough, but is just a beta game for now, so it could improve and I hope it does improve.

The video shows a person opening a sort of map of an area and shows a person standing and in front of the person we can see Ivysaur. At the bottom we see the persons picture or avatar showing the level they are, so I assume people can level up as well, I wonder what can we achieve by leveling up? Since there may not be Poke-badges maybe the higher level we are the stronger Pokemon can listen to us? If you look at the distance we can see 3 markers, possible showing another player or possibly gyms.Now it looks like there is no fight to weaken the Pokemon, we just throw a Pokeball and hope it captures it, maybe catch rate will be better than the game?

One thing I got from the game is that it looks like many evolution forms could be capture in the wild even though some Pokemon in the game are not found in the wild, they can only be obtained as a starter and evolving them. Different kinds of Pokemon may be available different from the video game, similar to the Safari, that is one of the only places where we can capture evolved versions of some Pokemon. But I’m happy to at least see some real footage, this shows the game is having progress let just hope the game is out soon, not too soon so they have enough time to work on small issues, we don’t want a game out with many bug and not polished, we know no game is perfect but it can be close to perfection.



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