The Waking Dead S6. Ep.14

Well this week’s episode of The Walking Dead was really cool. We are starting to see fight between Rick’s team and what I believe Negan’s man, not sure on this one since the guy that stole Daryl’s bike did not want to be with Negan, he was trying to escape but then again maybe he joined them back. But well the episode started a bit slow, it started top show their life for I guess 2 or 3 days, how their life was starting to be like a routine, from waking up and performing food inventory, from doing guard duty and other stuff. Then we see Daryl, Rosita and Denise, wanting to go out and collect some medicine that she needs in case of any other people getting sick and I believe since they were going to have a fight with Negan they are going to need all they can.

Daryl didn’t want her to go but ended up agreeing to her, the 3 of them left and found the place, and inside this small shopping center there was a pharmacy, which was like a holy grail for them. They started to sack the pharmacy but since they left Denise felt left out like she didn’t belong. When they were getting all the medicine she went and investigates a noise coming from the back and found an adult female on the floor with a cast on a leg and words on the wall “HUSH” she kept walking and saw a baby drown in a washer machine I think. She then leaves and waits for them outside, when they come out she is seeing crying and Rosita tells her “told you, you weren’t ready”. In the meantime Abraham and Eugene walk to what will be a place where Eugene wants to manufacture bullets, they both have an argument because Eugene feels ready to survive on his own to which he tells Abraham to leave him alone and stop protecting him, even after he helped Eugene kill the walker that almost bit him.

When Daryl and the rest leave they seem happy for their accomplishment, when Denise sees a cooler in a car and wants to take it but she is told is not worth their time. She then decides to do it on her own; she struggles and seems she will get bitten but manages to kill the walker. She is harassed by Rosita, not really harassed just telling her to be careful but in her own mean words, when Denise talks back and tells them their truth how they are lonely and wanted to fit in, they start to feel sorry when an arrow hits her in the back of the head and kills her. We see the dame guy that stole Daryl’s bike a while back with a group of man and holding Eugene captive.

The fight starts when Eugene sees Abraham hiding in the back and tries to lure the bad guys to him in an effort to start an attack which works, Abraham kills a few of the bad guys, Daryl and Rosita help in killing others. After the shot out few of the bad guys escape, Eugene gets shot but not a bad wound, and they return home with Denise’s body. From here on life changes, Carol leaves the guy she was with, leaving a letter saying she is leaving the town, and everyone goes back to their routine life….for now.


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