New iPhone and iPad Pro!


Apple did it again, a new iPhone as it had been rumored and a new iPad Pro that many people were wanting will be releasing soon as well. The iPhone family will be getting their new iPhone SE which will have a 4” screen for those wanting to have a smaller phone, the same A9 chip as the iPhone 6S and the same GPU as the S6, making this phone one of the best small smart phones yet. The new iPhone 6 SE will have a much better battery life than the 6S and 6S +, of course because it will have a smaller screen.

The new iPad Pro 9.7 will have the same size as iPad Air which will make it much better to carry. I personally use the iPad Mini 2 and so far it has done what I like to do. When the iPad Pro came out I was excited but a 12” screen was too big to carry with me, so this new iPad Pro 9.7 is good news for me. It will support the new Pencil which is what I loved from the 1st iPad Pro, I love to draw so the size and the ability to use the Pencil is great.

These two devices the iPhone  SE and iPad Pro 9.7 will start shipping March 31st with pre-orders starting tomorrow. Both will support the newest update 9.3 with new features including the Night Shift which will detect time and location to turn the blue light at night for those who have issues sleeping at night after using their device. Not only will add the Night Shift but other new features, for a full detail check the video at Apple site. These will be a two great devices, what do you think?


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