Possible new PS4.5?

So there are rumors about a possibly new PS4, 4.5 to be exact, well that is what is been said online. As we know, Sony is well known for releasing a console and sometime later they release a better version or a slimmer version of the same product. Can this be the same approach they want to take with the PS4? The PS3 did it, PS2 and PS One did it, why not the PS4? Well what it has been said is that the so rumored PS4.5 will have better graphics improvement to support 4K resolution, if you ask me that is some really nice display, and with the TV’s that we have out in the market I think this can compete with PC, well somewhat because there are video cards out there with more power.

Well besides from the new resolution support we are told this new console will enhance game support for the PS VR, which we know is their line to compete with the so many VR companies out there, like Oculus Right, HTC’s version of the Oculus, Samsung VR and others. If they really are going to do this I do hope they improve the system, not sure how good it is now since I don’t have one but any improvement will benefit me when I get one, and others of course.

Now this may be good news for those that don’t have a PS4 just yet like me, but not so good news for those that already have one unless they don’t care about the new console upgrades. Having 4K support may be good for some but to be honest some people don’t distinguish the difference between 720 and 1080, actually there is a big difference depending on the TV that you are using or display of course. What do you think? Is it good that Sony does this with their PS4? Are you interested on the 4K resolution or is the actual resolution good enough for you?




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