CoroCoro New Pokemon info?


Pokemon Sun/Moon –

On March’s CoroCoro it was said that it would contain information regarding a new Pokemon game, but we saw it was only announcing Magearna the new human-made Pokemon. Now as always and mainly now with the more recent news of Pokemon Sun and Moon, rumors and more rumors have been online about who or what the new starter Pokemon will look like.

Last month I wrote about one of the rumors showing a dolphin, a coconut and a bird as the starter ones for Sun/Moon, but it has been just rumors. Just recently a new video came out showing what could possibly be the new starters. The new starters Pokemon shown on this video are a Fire Panda, a water Lizard and a plant Goat. Those 3 look consistent with previous generations, at least I think so.

Now coming back to rumors, it has been said that the next issue which will be April 15, 2016 will have more information on the starter Pokemon and the 7th generation of new Pokemon. As mentioned, all this are just rumors nothing solid to go by, but the video below shows some items and things that makes us think that this indeed may be the real deal. All we can do for now is wait until the April Issue of CoroCoro is released or actually leaked so we are for sure what we will be getting from the new Pokemon Sun/Moon.



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