Dragon Ball Super (spoiler review so far)

(SPOILER) I will mention few things about the show and what happens in it. If you have not seen it and don’t want me to spoil it then only read the first paragraph.

So is about to be one year, well not really just 8 months but it seems is almost a year since the new Dragon Ball Super aired in Japan through the Fuji TV Network. I know many of us have wanted to have a new season, new saga, whatever you want to call it. Many of us or at least I grew up watching DBZ, I believe I mentioned it before, that since I was born in Mexico, I was able to watch the whole DBZ series before my cousin here in the U.S. Well when I heard about DB Super I was not really that excited mainly because I thought they were rumors, after so many years and all of a sudden a new DB from Akira Torioyama? It was hard to believe but it was true, other reasons why I thought it was fake it was for all the fan-made mini shows, and drawings showing Super Saiyan phases that never existed but people wanted so hard to fool others and saying yes it really happen, but anyways that’s beside the point.What I am happy about is that finally Akira listened to his fans or maybe he decided it was the best time to do a new saga.

I have watched 29 episodes so far, and I am kind of disappointed, the first 25 episodes is the 2 movies that are out, Battle of the Gods and Resurrection of Freeza. The first few episodes were to me boring, it was about their daily life which for Dragon Ball was kind of ok , because we needed to find out who he was and what the point of the show was, but at this point in his life I didn’t want to see Goku as a farmer, I wanted to see him training. So yes so far the first 25 episodes were a re-run of the 2 movies, they only had small other pieces that made the show grow into the new adventure but not much. Just now in episode 28-29 is when we are starting to see the new adventure, but as of now there are only 35 episodes and if it took 25 episodes for Goku and Vegeta to turn into Super Saiyan God and defeat freeza and we know how long a fight can take, then I’m sure the best action won’t start until episode 45. Looks like Champa (the God of Destruction from the 6th Universe) is about to get what he wants and have a Universe vs Universe best fighters event all for some food. Since Champa’s 6th universe is like a parallel universe from ours, you have to watch DB Super to understand what I mean, it seems that Champa’s universe has its own Freeza, and similar races like our 7th universe, things are about to get interesting. I will write my review once i catch up to episode 34-35 whichever is out now.

I do recommend watching it if you are a fan of DB but FYI, it seems the animation team is slacking, there are times where you see characters in the background and the drawing looks really sloppy, DBZ for the years it was aired and the technology back then looks a lot better than DB Super, let me take that back, it seems that DBZ was drawn with pride, DB Super in close up looks great, HD if not better, great line work and color, but from mid distance or a bit far it looks sloppy. That is what I think; I know when it first aired some people complaint about the same. Check it out and let me know what you think.


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