The Walking Dead S.6 ep.13

I know is a little late but here are my thoughts/review from last week’s The Walking Dead episode. I really don’t want to dig in much like I do on other episodes, I feel I type too much and lose interest, so I want to hit only the highlights or what I thought was good and worth talking about.  So episode started where last one left off, Maggie and Carol where captured, I got so mad because it was all Carol’s fault for not letting Maggie go and help, I think what was told to her by the Alexandria guy that she is like the mom made her feel she needed to protect Maggie. Well Rick tried to negotiate but she didn’t want to and decided to leave to a safe house.

While in the safe house they tried to intimidate Carol and Maggie, mainly Maggie when they found it she was pregnant, but Carol ended up showing that she was playing it off acting like she was scared and crying, at least it seemed that way. When Carol finally convinces the girl leader to talk to Rick, they start a fight with the guy Carol shot on the arm because he is bleeding out. The girl leader tells Rick they will trade but she intends to run because she noticed the radio did not have much static. While they left to prepare for her team to come and help her kill Rick’s team, Carols cut the duct tape with the rosary she grabbed then finding Maggie and both started to plan their escape.

It went down when they were able to kill everyone on the Negan team, Carol was shocked when the leader girl told her they all were Negan, not sure what they are trying to do here, maybe that’s what they say when they are in trouble to not say who is the real Negan? But they kill the captors, the backup arrives and they are burned down, then Rick and the team arrive find them alive, they explain what they did, Maggie felt bad for one of the girls because she told her she was pregnant at one point. When Rick tells the guy they captured what happened he tells him to say if Negan was there, he tells him that Negan was at the satellite building and in the place where Carol was taken to, he then says he is Negan so Rick blows his head off. We see Carol look at him like trying to understand what he meant by saying he was Negan.

And finally episode ends with Daryl checking his bike and pulling the soldier that was given by the other people trying to escape Negan’s man, or at least they made it look that way. It seems Rick’s team is getting closer to confront the real Negan if there is one, the comic was different from the tv show, we have 3 more episodes left on this season so it makes me feel the good action will start around October on the new season, but we’ll see.


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