Plants vs Zombies: Heroes

For some time Blizzard has been on top not just in mobile but pc wise with their new game Hearthstone.  I have mentioned this game before, is a card game similar to Magic the Gathering, well is no news that many companies out there want to do the same with their most popular game and create a card game off of it. I have seen several way before Hearthstone that were somewhat known and good to play mainly for the free to play and actually not spending money at all but those for some reason get boring after a while.

Well now it seems Plants vs Zombies is releasing a new card game free-to-play called Plants vs Zombies Heroes, which is a collectible card game. Since the PvZ game was really well received and PvZ2 was even better it seems that EA wants to use that in their advantage release this game now before people start finding other games to play. The game is available now on iOS and Android, the game is planned to be updated frequently with new cards and new content, from the looks at the images it seems there will have attack and defense points as normal with many card games and the game seems on a chess style board. Like other games you need mana but on this game you actually need sun energy to make moves, in order to win you have to defeat all enemies.  I will download the game and give it a try and see what I like or dislike.




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