Oddworld: Soulstorm..2017

 I remember back when I used to play Sony Play Station, many cool games I used to play, some like Crash Bandicoot, Tomb Raider, and others. But one of the games I remember a lot is Abe’s Odds World, Abe’s Odyssey,that game was cool, it had puzzles and it had funny stuff. For those that don’t remember it, this game was about an alien helping his race be freed from the hands of a an enemy that used their meat to turn them into sodas, I think it was like an energy drink.

The man character Abe, was pretty funny, he had powers to control enemies and make them do things for him. What I enjoyed the most was controlling them and after doing what it needed to be done to either solve a puzzle or clear an area, I would just kill them, it was pretty funny. Another thing that was cool was the way he talked, Hi, Hello, and the fart noise, how can a fart in a video game not be funny?

Well anyways, there will be a new game, this new game will follow up after the game New n Tasty which was a remake of the original from Play Station. Well this new one as mentioned will follow up Abe on a new journey, the name as of now is Oddworld: Soulstorm according to the announcement on their website. It was mentioned on the  article that the game will contain a much darker story, and more in-game mechanics with more and better puzzles and explosions. No word yet on exact date just that it may come out next year 2017 and not sure what consoles it will be available for, but my guess is Xbox One, I hope they do release it on PC and PS4.(Below video from old game New n’ Tasty)




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