Google new livestream built in app for games!

Video Game apps are more frequently used now with better phones, better processors, better quality screens, size of the screen, RAM and better and faster internet, depending on your carrier of course. Time has flown by, no more snake or tetris game inn our phones, well actually yes there are still in our phone, in apps and better than the older version but with better technology on cellphones we have some of the best games app available.

Since many of us play games on our cellphones there is a need for apps that lets us stream or record games, which there are already, to be honest I’m not sure if these apps let you stream your videos to your prefer channel either Twitch or YouTube. Some newer phones like S6, and Note 5 have a built in live stream app if you can call it that, in the camera, but any video that you record will be streamed to your YouTube channel so is not gaming is just normal video streaming. For gaming people use YouTube Gaming app that lets you live stream games, and other apps.

Well today Google announced that they will allow game developers to built in the game a live stream and recording capabilities so that when we play our games we can use the in-game live stream or record our game session and later on it can be uploaded to YouTube. This I think is great news, I know for some gamers having less apps that take much space from our phone and having the dedicated live stream built in the game will be the best thing ever, of course we all have our own opinions and some may use their current apps. Since this is just now released I’m sure it wont be out on games soon, and when is out it may lack support for all games, so lets be patient and see what game developer can do with this new tool. For more info please check this article here from VentureBeat.




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