Galaxy S7 a new Gamer’s Phone?

Another year has come and another Galaxy S will be released soon. Every year seems like cellphone companies compete with each other to release the best of the best, not just cellphones but TV’s and other electronics. But since cellphones and tablets are part of our daily life, we spend more time on our cellphone than anything else, at least I do. Each device has its market, there are Android lovers and then we have Apple lovers, I personally enjoy both brands; each provides me what I need either on cellphone or tablet.

As mentioned in the beginning of the blog, another Galaxy S will be launching soon, this year is the Galaxy S7. Last year we had S6,S6 Edge and Note 5 each with its own touch to Android OS. This year is no exception; the S7 comes with really cool features and new hardware as well. This year’s phone seems to be one that some gamers will enjoy.  The S7 will have liquid cooling inside, yes similar to pc but of course a lot smaller, this is going to be great for people that use their phone to play a lot, since the introduction of apps to live stream from the phone, a lot of people use their phone 24/7 and stay connected to the charger all day, so this will help a lot.

Another addition to the S7 will be the Game Launcher which will allow you to keep all games in one place, but that is not all, we all can make folders to keep our games in one place, well this new Game Launcher has really nice features.  Some of the new features are, not allowing alerts to come in the middle of gaming to not interrupt you, lock the recent and back keys(this will help a lot for those that hit those keys by accident), Screenshot will be a lot easier while gaming, recording of the game will be available as well, and some other cool features. As you can see, the new S7 may be the game changer for cellphone gaming, it will not replace our handhelds like PS Vita and 3Ds but it will allow us to play other cool games on the go! For more info on the device click here.




One thought on “Galaxy S7 a new Gamer’s Phone?

  1. I love my iPhone 6Splus, but even given the horsepower of the machine and great titles like Lara Croft Go, I still carry my 3DS XL with me everywhere I go. Tactile feedback is really important, and games like Fire Emblem Fates and Super Mario 3D Land are so much more compelling to me than something like Clash Royale. I also have a soft spot for games that do not offer $100 hard currency packs. 🙂

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