Cities Skyline 1st Year Anniversary and Free Update!


Have you ever played Cities: Skyline? I’m sure many of you have, this is a City building simulator, I have blogged about it several times and played it myself for about 200 hours. Well since launch, the game has received really nice updates and from I can tell 2 DLC, the Night Life and Snowfall, which both added really cool new features and of course we can’t forget the mods that are out there, these updates, mods and DLC’s make this game a worth buying game. And this year marks the 1st year anniversary, to be exact March 15, and to commemorate this milestone they Paradox team will be releasing a new Free update!

The new update will be releasing on March 22nd just 6 days after the original launch day, this new update will introduce landscaping theme features, with this we will see mid terraform, which will be allow us to change the landscape, either make mountains or deep low ground, or even removing land, I know this has been able to be done with mods, but sometimes people are not that good at enabling mods, others just want a simple vanilla software, original with no mods and well this new update will be a great addition for all of us. If you are a Cities: Skyline fan I’m sure you will enjoy this new update, and also on a new note, from the developer, it was said they intend to keep updates coming to the game for years to come.Currently the game is on Steam for $29.99, prices may vary depending on the bundle pack you want.




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