Captain America: Civil War New Trailer!


Captain America: Civil War

So yesterday I was supposed to write about this but I forgot to blog about it, yes I know I’m a bit late but oh well. So yesterday they released the newest Marvel, Captain America: Civil War trailer and man it was really cool. This new trailer shows more action and a bit more of what will be happening in the movie, we see more super heroes in action, Ant-Man and of course the surprised of the moment was when Spider-Man showed up. By now most of us knew he had to be part of it, he is the one that helped Tony get the Act moving in the comic for Super Heroes to sign the act, so it was obvious to have him on this movie.

There were a few previous trailers and every one of them more and more Super Heroes were revealed, first we saw Iron-Man, Captain America, Vision and others, well the main ones from Avengers, then they showed Ant-Man, Black Panther and well as mentioned the most recent Spider-Man. The outfit Spider Man is wearing to me seemed like an older from comics, maybe it was just me. Finally Spider Man will be an Avenger in movies, well kind of, now that they are in war is not really an Avenger, or is he? On this trailer there were no signs of The Hulk, maybe he was sent to space like in the comics?  I read online that this movie will be around 2 hours and 10-20 minutes I believe, so that is plenty of time to add as much action. So who’s side are you on?


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