NES 3D Emulator

So i was looking for something to talk about and yesterday I found this article about some game developer having an emulator that when you play any NES game it add the 3D effect to it. The 3D effect is similar to the games for 3Ds but the advantage is that you don’t need 3D glasses and your eyes don’t hurt after a while of playing it. I watched his video demonstrating how some games would look like under the emulator, some look nice while others look not so good. The cool thing is that this game is under beta stages so that means there is still work to be done. One of the games that looked the best was Mega Man, that game look really decent, until the point where the game could not distinguish a gap and a ladder where Mega Man needed to climb, but besides that the graphic was really nice. I do hope the game developer puts a lot more work into it, what I saw is promising, I just wish this emulator would work for android devices.






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