Android N Developer is out now!

Android M has been out for about 5 months, since it went live to all general public, it was first announced in May 2015 during the GoogleI/O. When the new version was announced it was said to have great improvements, new tweaks and other cool stuff.  Android M had minor cosmetic changes, still has icons similar to Lollipop, one of the main features added to Marshmallow was the ability to change permission on apps, which was leaked and was supposed to be done during Lollipop.

Now we receive news that Android N is out for developers, one of the new additions is the ability to do multiple screen side by side on phones not only on tablets. I know Samsung had already done this with Note devices but well those who don’t have one may be able to do it now on their normal phone. Another addition to the software will be the reply from the drop down window from any app, I know this is possible on some apps but this will allow all apps to be able reply from the pull-down window. Apps will be able to bundle notifications, like if we get 3 text from 3 different people, it will show 3 messages coming from either Whats-app, SMS, FB Messenger, and late ron we can expand to see who all messaged us. If you want to try it out it can be downloaded over the air, unlike previous versions that had to be done via pc, Google will have an Android Beta program which is said to be out already. Not sure if Android N will follow the same 18 month rule, like always it seems the only devices capable of getting Android N are the Nexus lineup from Nexus 6, 5X, 6P, Nexus Player, Nexus 9 and Pixel C. Now the question is, will this be called Android Nutella? For more info check here.




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