Legend of Zelda: Picross coming to Nintendo eShop

I was reading an article from Game Informer on which it is mentioned a new game that can possibly be coming to the eShop for free similar to the Pokemon Picross, but this new game that can possibly come out is Legend of Zelda Picross. This game was found by a gamer in the Nintendo server by Cellenseres, this information is not 100% solid but well if it does come out it will be a cool addition to the eShop Zelda Fans.

For those that are not familiar with Pokemon Picross, well this is a puzzles game, kind of like Soduko and minesweeper, where you use numbers as clues in order to draw a picture in a grid of a Pokemon. These numbers are placed along the top and left edges of the grid and you need to determine which squares must be filled or not. Once you fill all the correct squares the puzzle is complete and the stage is cleared. When you win the stage you capture the Pokemon of that stage. During your adventure you will find grids of different size depending of the difficulty, now for this to happen in Zelda we need to think what kind of puzzles or pictures we need to solve, possibly instead of capturing them like Pokemon we have to defeat the enemies?

On another note, in order to continue playing stages you must pay with special currency called Picrites which you only receive after completing certain objectives, or by completing certain daily puzzles.  Unfortunately the Pricrites earned will not be enough and in order to continue the stages you must purchase out of pocket for the Pricrites, making not only this game free but freemium, which I bet it will be the same for Legend of Zelda if this was to come out. For more info and pictures check Cellenseres twitter account.




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